Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ghost Story for Christmas

Ok--it's not a ghost story, and it's not season specific. I'm simply referring to the old custom of telling scary stories at Christmas time. Here's one I wrote, titled "Le Péril Vert", that originally appeared in the Nov. 2007 issue of The Willows.

Le Péril Vert


Burntdisk said...

Saved the story- will read in between Serials stuff... BTW, sorry I didn't respond to yer comment on my blog. Still trying to get back into blog mode. Whaddup on yer end?

Mark said...

No problem, man. Just stopped by to look at SWEMIman ;-)

I'm waiting to hear back about whether that essay Ed and I wrote will appear in Doctor Who and Philosophy and finishing up some annotations for a collection of Solar Pons stories. Oh, and doing library stuff . . .