Saturday, July 29, 2006

Over and Out

I've posted my final discussions and, to the best of my knowledge, am done for the semester! Congratulations to the rest of you and best wishes!

I have no idea yet as to whether I'll continue to update this or not. Given my aversion to journal keeping, particularly in public, I doubt I'll follow through, and if I do, I will most certainly delete the majority of my past, purely obligatory postings. Either way, I'll still be in touch and will see all of you, at the latest, in October.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Winchester Story

I was going to start working on the final LIS 2600 project, but wound up reading that Simon Winchester story, "Never Knew He Had It in Him", that I stumbled across in an old issue of Ellery Queen's. Here's an added morsel of freaky synchonicity, it takes place in the Pittsburgh area! Not surprisingly, I rather liked it. It's about something odd found in a crematorium following a war hero's incineration.

Not quite as ghastly as the publishing history of the OED, but fun all the same.

"Arthur! I'm Doing Laundry!"

Very well. All comments are welcome, but I'm still only doing this grudgingly! By the way, can anyone identify the above quote?

I took my new washer and dryer for a spin last night. Well, they're new to me--I bought them from a friend in the math dept. Besides, I happen to like "harvest gold". It turns out the hoses were mismatched, and believe me, they don't reattach as cleanly after they've been recently used (my only real knowledge of plumbing comes from reading snippets of Vitruvius). In time, though, everything turned out clean and smelling like guest room soap.

The pictures are fantastic, Meg, and Justin, combos . . .

Johnnie, I'll post my entire aesthetic manifesto in the near future (to what I'm sure will be everyone's horror).

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Comments?! (See, this is one of those cases where an interrobang would come in handy [sounds like something a sailor would look for on shore leave].) I wasn't expecting comments, but I'll get back to you all, especially Meg and Justin, as soon as I finish up this review.

Evidently, Bill Fee's boss actually came into the clothing store and met my dad . . . small world. More later.

Simon Winchester, When He's at Home

I was just moving a stack of old Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazines and noticed a rather interesting item. In the October 1993 issue (a special, double issue, no less), there's a short story by Simon Winchester, titled "Never Knew He Had It in Him." Who'd have thought that, by night, Winchester writes mysteries. I don't recall the story, but I'll be sure to read it and follow this up before week's end.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Warhol Museum

Another bonus that came along with this trip was my visit to the Warhol Museum last night. Amazing! To be able to see an artist's entire career by looking at all of his original work was a stunning experience. Of course, I also enjoyed the exhibits dealing with the cultural atmosphere of New York during his residence, particularly the concert fliers for bands like Television, Suicide, the Contortions, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and Patti Smith. The museum was definitely the high point of the trip, so far.

Going Live

It's been great meeting everyone here at Pittsburgh and actually attending real classes. The whole thing seems a good deal more like school. Another benefit has been the clarification of goals and assignments which only comes from person-to-person communications. It has been rather tiring, however, and I think I'm starting to fade a bit. I'm also losing patience with the inordinate amount of complaining that seems to still be going on. At this point, I think all of the technological confusion has been addressed as adequately as it can possible be.