Friday, August 31, 2007

Bicarbonate Johnny

That's right, he's called "Bicarbonate Johnny", and he doesn't let a little dyspepsia keep him from discovering the mystery of the "Claw of the Kidnapped Idol". While not as physically challenged as other "defective detectives" (a sub-sub-genre of pulp mystery fiction); such as Inspector Allhoff, the double amputee, or Calvin Kane, The "Crab" detective; Johnny does have to frequently resort to chewing soda mints to keep his heartburn at bay, occasionally burping "impatiently" and "succinctly" despite these antacids.

Thanks to the Pulpgen site for digitizing this mystery by Marcus Lyons (a.k.a. James Blish) from Crack Detective Stories (Dec. 1947). While it's far from being top-notch detective fiction, it's esoteric value is phenomenal.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Green Hornet

I’m not sure how I managed to overlook this for so long, but there’s been a 10-minute French (?) Green Hornet (Le Frelon Vert—still quite catchy) fan flick available at this site for almost a year. It’s very well produced, if a little Kung-Fu intensive, but I guess that’s forgivable given Bruce Lee’s turn in the classic TV series. They even manage to do a decent job with the theme music (though nothing beats the original). The movie is available in both QuickTime and DivX formats, and there is a “making of” special (in French) available at the site, as well. For purists, episodes of the original radio series are still available at the OTR.Net site.