Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Baker Street Blog

Scott Monty's Baker Street Blog is up for a Blogger's Choice Award in the "Best Hobby Blog" category, and I would like to encourage anyone who's interested in Sherlock Holmes to check out his site and give him your vote. Since it's inception, I've frequented this blog and subscribed to its feed not just for news pertaining to the Sherlockian world but also to keep up with the open source web applications he so frequently utilizes (he's actually scooped TechCrunch on more than a few occasions). To learn more about voting just examine this post.


Scott said...

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the link and the vote of confidence. I hadn't really thought much about scooping TechCrunch, but now that you mention it, I can remember certain apps that have been mentioned there that I had been using for a while. It's all about discovering, determining a use and sharing it with a community.

I'd appreciate any and all assistance in helping me top the Best Hobby Blog category. While CrazyAuntPurl looks charming, I think The Baker Street Blog beats her for interesting and varied content.

Burntdisk said...

Voted and appreciated. Have to add it to the list of ones I check every day. Kinda like yours, only it looks like he updated more than once every 3 months... ;-)

Mark said...

That's how I build suspense, Bill, by keeping the readers hungry ;-) I'm glad you like it.

Scott, I work in a college library, so I'm always interested in new ways of conveying information. The one example that comes to mind is Trailfire--I actually used it for a presentation within days of discovering it on your blog.

Man alive, that AuntPurl has a following!