Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Come Take a Trip in My Air Ship"

Come, take a trip in my air ship,
Come, take a sail 'mong the stars,
Come, have a ride around Venus,
Come, have a spin around Mars.

No one to watch while we're kissing,
No one to see while we spoon.
Come, take a trip in my air ship,
And we'll visit the man in the moon.

I thought that perhaps it was time for a musical number.


Burntdisk said...

I don't remember hearing about this in John Carter...

BTW, the Solomon Kane movie is moving forward. Starts filming next month at last news.

Mark said...

Maybe ERB had a tin ear. The truly scary thing is that I have more stuff like this in the pipeline.

Hopefully, the Solomon Kane flick will be better than the Schwarzenegger Conan. Isn't there also talk of a Bran Mak Morn film?

Burntdisk said...

I can easily believe that. Was there a zeppelin in Perelandra?

Haven't heard about that one. IGN had a short blurb on the Solomon Kane a couple weeks back

Mark said...

Yes, but it only appeared as a thinly veiled biblical allegory. Seriously, though, I've never read it.

Here's some info on the other possible REH film:


Burntdisk said...

Gee, and I thought it was supposed to be something long and soft and full of airmen...

Thanks. Doesn't look good for it