Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

I just re-watched this after finding a $2 copy on VHS--fantastic! All the same, Peter Cushing could've made it better.

Later the same evening, I gathered a group together to watch the Ramones in Rock 'n' Roll High School. A good time was had by all.


Burntdisk said...

Both truly classic. BTW, you can get in on DVD as part of the Hammer Horror Collection for 58 bucks (great collection, grabbed both this and the one with 10 movies- Hammer's a favorite). Among others the collection also has The Mummy.

The Ramones, no need to say more. Try a back to back with Class of Nukem High and maybe Wild Zero.

ABTW, grabbed the Tombs of the Blind Dead collection for myself for Christmas. Just came in Saturday. Watched the first one and it was as gloriously Spanish 70s bad as I remembered. has it for 68 bucks, which gets you all four movies, a documentary on Ossorio, and a pretty cool glossy pamphlet full of pics (black and white, but there's a few color). Highly recommended.

Mark said...

Thanks for all the leads Bill! I've been eyeing those Hammer sets for awhile. When I sat down to write, I intended to create another long post, but with all the writing we had to do for class, I completely ran out of steam. I was actually going to delete it, but figured you would be the only one reading it, anyway, and would fill it out in the comments section.

I've seen Class of Nukem High but never Wild Zero. The other movie I was reminded of was (and I almost hate to admit having seen it) Student Bodies.

I should have also mentioned that I watched The Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price. Kind of makes The Omega Man look like a bit of a turd (not that Charleton Heston needs any help with that).

Burntdisk said...

Wild Zero was a movie done by a Japanese band called Guitar Wolf (kinda like the Ramones with bad accents and slurred l's). Zombies created by aliens taking over the earth, and a protagonist who's a Guitar Wolf fan and aspiring lead guitar. There's a bit of a twist involving his love interest (Toooooh-beeeee-oooooooh!). Definitely a must see, and it's got a built-in drinking game.

Classic. Wifee and I watched Last Man New Year's Eve (yes, I DO have a lame life). She'd never seen it either. Have to admit, though, that I like Omega Man as long as I can make myself forget that it's based on the Matheson....

Mark said...

Kind of like when I watch Touch of Evil and try desperately to forget that Charleton Heston is playing a Mexican.

Katie said...

Mark, check your email (school account), re: rooms for March!